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How Mobile Apps are helping manage Covid

The ongoing global Covid outbreak has led to an unprecedented rise in the popularity of mobile Apps. Whilst we have seen a plethora of mobile Apps, ranging from Covid tracing Apps to grocery Apps and everything in between, health apps in particular have played an important role in mitigating the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) response. Many people have opted to use online health services instead of the traditional "bricks & mortar" service for convenience and it is seen as a safer option to limit any potential exposure. General and mental health has come under the spotlight with many employers becoming more proactive in managing employee well being. Many Medical professionals are seeing Telehealth as a viable and convenient way to reduce hours in a physical practice and work from home, whilst still earning a good level of income.

I was fortunate enough to have worked with CareHQ, a national Telehealth service in New Zealand. Customers download an App and can see a doctor via online video either on demand or by making an appointment booking of their choosing. CareHQ have found that 80% of cases can be treated effectively online and those that cannot are referred back to their own doctor. Initially the medical fraternity were concerned that this technology would disrupt the existing health services model and lacked continuity of care for patients. CareHQ and other online medical services have proven that Telehealth services are becoming a valued part of the medical infrastructure by providing after hours and overload support to frontline medical services as well as making health services more accessible and equitable for communities.

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